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The Lady of the Rings

Warning: The easily offended should definitely read this post.
I said in my last post that all money derives from taxation, and is a consequence of the capacity to tax.
Now I’m going to go a bit (alright, a lot) further and attempt to show that taxation derives from tribute paid to Her Majesty, the Great Mother goddess worshipped throughout history – the Mother of all cults and religions, whether it’s Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, scientology, science or Branch Davidianism.
I will argue that the system works because in our souls we have an understanding that the earth is alive, and she is female, and we live on her body, in a sense. This life is her dream, co-created with us. Women are manifestations of the Great Mother. Men come here to worship and pay their respects: to eat, to hunt and fish, to fuck, maybe to fight a little and show off like big babies, to get drunk on her wicked narcotic delights. Maybe even to walk hand in hand on beaches and through orchards, if we're in a sentimental mood.
But wait – if this Great Mother, whether we call her Sophia, or Isis, or Tara, if she is paradise and regeneration, what happened? Why don’t we see paradise or regeneration or clarity? Why has bondage replaced beauty?
Taxation and money are creatures of the state, not the other way around – so what is the nature of the state we’re in? What is the nature of this robot that appeared at the same time as agriculture and religion and propaganda? And at the same time we first started to hear about meteorites, light-beings and other crap falling from the skies to “save” us?
Well, it seems that, to quote Queen (not the first “coincidence” we’ll encounter, I assure you), “it’s  a kind of magic.”
What if the world we inhabit, the system by which it runs, originated in a cult? A cult whereby a proxy of Isis was set up, an idol? And to this idol, services must be rendered, in order for credits to be earned, meal tickets?
What if the natural order was inverted as if by using a mirror image – so that instead of serving the Goddess by seeking your pleasure in her, you were instead rewarded for suffering, and paid with someone else’s suffering?
What if this cult was a cannibal cult, a cult of the dead? One which worshipped a cycle of birth, torture, androgyny, death and reincarnation to do it over again? Rather than the pleasure  and abundance of the earth, which begets seed and exponentially more abundance, a life-life cycle – what if instead of that we got a spiral into hell? What if they wanted to destroy ISIS/Tara/Terra/Terror?
What if the cult performed theatre and parlour trickery to deceive, and celebrated a story of an old androgynous mother figure, an absurd incontinent horny old man, and a beautiful castrated boy sacrificed and eaten so that his blood would make spring arrive?
What if the mother was an absurd murderous incestuous old fag hag, straight out of the more nightmarish versions of the Grimm brothers’ stories, who liked nothing more than trapping, cooking and eating small children? What if her own children were conscripted to harvest such children for her? And what if they were so dedicated to this purpose that they actually invented alphabets and notions of authority to act out and blind the people?
That would be a bit shitty, wouldn’t it? I mean, if we were deceived into something like that?

Introducing Cybele.

One ring to rule them all

Patroness of the solar mysteries. And more sycophantic reviews you surely could not devise if you tried.
With Circe/Cybele, the Circe-Us is always in town. Bread and circuses. And she hates Amazonian women, because they are beautiful.
The above representations of Circe/Cybele are rather more lush than what she truly represents. Notice lots of gold, brown, white and red.
First, let’s have a look around – see what’s out there in plain sight.

Always seated. Because women need to sit to take the piss.
Britannia = Cybele. Rule Britannia. Briiiiiitain, evereverever SHALL, BE, SLAVES. She’s Poseidon too, which makes her Neptune. And Uranus and Pluto (the “dwarf” planet, more on dwarves another time). Hell, she’s all the gods. She’s the mother, the  creatrix of the gods.
She’s also Juno, or Janus, the two-faced god of  doors. Doors have two sides, as do accounts ledgers and  coins:
The Temple of Juno Moneta (Latin: Templum Iunonis Monetæ) was an ancient Roman temple that stood on the Arx or the citadel on the Capitoline Hill overlooking the Roman Forum.[2] Located at the center of the city of Rome, it was the place where Roman coins were first minted, thereby initiating the ancient practice of associating mints with temples.[3] In addition, it was the place where the books of the magistrates were deposited.


Tsk, women. They don’t understand futbol/future-baal. Oh, wait.
Cybele had a transgender and eunuch mendicant priesthood, and they routinely performed plays – “comedies.” That is, they were thieves, actors, queers and misfits. The first kleptocracy – though it might equally be called a thespocracy. A “Divine” Comedy. Her priests were castrated or circumcised – even the women.
If you have “cares”, or even “caries”, or if you have a lot to “carry”, you have Ceres, also known as Demeter. All versions of Cybele. Ceres will be interesting when we come to look at agriculture. For now, let’s just observe that the cult that existed in the site where the Vatican now stands, before it was supposedly a Mithraic temple devoted to perfecting the craft of contracts and bondage, and before “God” became a Man, was dedicated to Cybele.
Cybele was associated with the lion (as is Yahweh). The “look” of Queen Elizabeth II is modelled directly on Cybele.

Ed Chiarini, an outrageously interesting investigator, initially thought that QE2 was Betty White of the Golden Girls, but now he believes it  to be Lucy from I Love Lucy. How perfect is that? Lucifer herself.
Oh, and how about this gal:
Who do you reckon that Light Bearer could be? Even the silly hat is the same, and the androgynous hairdo. She was ahead of her time. Reminds me of someone else as well.
Funny shortish bouffant centre-partingish hairstyle? Check. Empty eyes? Check. If she managed to become the most hated woman on earth, what chance does Cybele and her gang stand in the long run when word finally gets out?
If the above “lady” ever gets a bouffant centre-parting, head for the hills. She’ll be next president. Probably with an election date on the Roman festival of Hilaria. Hilari-ous. Wiki it:
But the Romans also celebrated hilaria, as a feria stativa, on March 25, the eighth day before the Kalends of April, in honor of Cybele, the mother of the gods; and it is probably to distinguish these hilaria from those mentioned above, that the Augustan History [2] calls them Hilaria Matris Deûm. The day of its celebration was the first after the vernal equinox, or the first day of the year which was longer than the night. The winter with its gloom had died, and the first day of a better season was spent in rejoicings. The manner of its celebration during the time of the republic is unknown, except that Valerius Maximus[3] mentions games in honour of the mother of the gods. Respecting its celebration at the time of the empire, we learn from Herodian that, among other things, there was a solemn procession, in which the statue of the goddess was carried, and before this statue were carried the most costly specimens of template and works of art belonging either to wealthy Romans or to the emperors themselves. All kinds of games and amusements were allowed on this day; masquerades were the most prominent among them, and everyone might, in his disguise, imitate whomsoever he liked, and even magistrates.
April Fools! We’ll see more of this “imitation of magistrates.”
This is bound up with Easter, of course. And the returning Spring, which of course only happened ‘cos poor Baal got the chop, twice, at Christmas time. Yup, Xmas is not about babies being born, but… well, something not so nice. Remember they reverse everything?
Christmas was once a time where people got to eat amanita muscaria mushrooms and witness first-hand the luminous organic light of Sophia in the darkness of winter.
Now we get a fat guy dressed as that mushroom, creeping into families’ houses with a big bag. Somebody call the… oh wait, only an idiot calls the cops (pathetic security force for pederasts and drug lords. Please, make another movie trying to program us that cops are there to fight crime. We’ll buy it soon, promise). Oh, and he’s called Satan, which is natas backward, or birth. Ridiculous mirror magic again, plus he’s Saturn, so he’s really Cybele again after all. Her gang probably decided to destroy Germany  because they had so many stories warning about the Witch and the Jew. After all, before Saint Niklaus they has Black Peter, an altogether more sinister Christmas tale.
Going back to Thatcher, if a fe-male is an iron-man, what is an iron lady?
Sure is an age of irony
iron maiden 4

iron maiden 1
Bless those little angels.
Isis inside? In pain?
Ooooo aaaaayyy don’t wanna work on Maggie’s farm, nummorrre…

Columbia. Christ(opher) Columbus, or Christopher Colon, Chris the Dove. Christ the arse for rent. More on that later, regrettably.
Cybele and Attis visit Cybele. What the fuck.
It’s fairly well known these days that Lucifer is the God worshipped by Freemasons at the top, like Albert Pike and the rest of his tiresome ilk. I mean, they have told us this innumerable times. Not that that means anything, right?
Interesting fact: Lucifer the Lightbearer was a journal published in the late 19th an early 20th centuries.
The mission of Lucifer was, according to Harman, "to help woman to break the chains that for ages have bound her to the rack of man-made law, spiritual, economic, industrial, social and especially sexual, believing that until woman is roused to a sense of her own responsibility on all lines of human endeavor, and especially on lines of her special field, that of reproduction of the race, there will be little if any real advancement toward a higher and truer civilization." The name was chosen because "Lucifer, the ancient name of the Morning Star, now called Venus, seems to us unsurpassed as a cognomen for a journal whose mission is to bring light to the dwellers in darkness."
It’s now known as the American Journal of Eugenics. Eugenics means genocide, another reversal. Current favourite methods are healthcare, vaccines and androgenisation via feminism, mimicry and diet.
The capstone

cybelerotate1FireShot Screen Capture #017 - 'Mother Earth in Rome_ from Cybele to Juno' - www_carnaval_com_cybeleFireShot Screen Capture #019 - 'Ashtart, the Phoenician Great Goddess--Astarte, Ashtoreth, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Inanna, Semitic Goddess, Love Goddess, War Goddess, morning star, evening star, Venus, planet venus_' - www_thaliFireShot Screen Capture #021 - 'Asteroid Cybele' - darkstarastrology_com_asteroid-cybeleFireShot Screen Capture #020 - 'TEARS FOR FEARS LYRICS - Everybody Wants To Rule The World' - www_azlyrics_com_lyrics_tearsforfears_everybodywantstoruletheworld_htmlFireShot Screen Capture #022 - 'Asteroid Cybele' - darkstarastrology_com_asteroid-cybeleFireShot Screen Capture #023 - 'Smells Like Teen Spirit Lyrics - Nirvana' - www_lyricsfreak_com_n_nirvana_smells like teen spirit_20101055_htmlFireShot Screen Capture #026 - 'Snow White (Comic Series) - Fables Wiki' - fables_wikia_com_wiki_Snow_White_(Comic_Series)hansel-and-gretel
Lucy’s on the set. Argo fuck yourselves.
Above we see Cybele and Attis, the “beautiful” Jim Morrison (Dead Sonny Jim?) archetype they use over and over, the same dude as Jesus, Baal, Dionysus, Molech, Mithras, Krishna, and about a thousand other poor guys destined to suffer and die so the Spring returns. Except he dies at Christmas, and brings Spring three months later. So the resurrection is counted in months rather than days.
He’s in crucifixion pose. It’s not rocket science. By the way, this actor also plays Chevy Chase:

I suppose this archetype appeals powerfully to the protective maternal instinct in women, which is why its the cornerstone of the Witchy pyramid.
Jim brings to mind Djinn, and a revisionist look at the Quran might be in order. The gods reckon they stole the fire from men, and turned around and blamed man for stealing it from them. Very Jewish. I wonder if Djinn aren’t the fiery men who, if they decided to “get medieval”, could cause a great deal of damage to these peddlers of dross and shit?

The 7 rings, 7 dwarves, and 7 planets have certainly done their best to rape Snow White, led by the head Witch with the ruling ring, the Circus ringmaster. You get dwarves in circuses, don’t you? Makes sense to use the wandering planets, all red dwarves and white dwarves, alienated from mother earth, to represent the wandering jews and their surrogate mother. Quick look at the dwarves:
Doc - whats up doc. jock. jack (rabbit). joker. mercury (hermes’ cadeuceus for doctors). messenger of the gods. Comedians taking the piss. 
Grumpy - saturnine, saturn
Happy - jove, jupiter
Sleepy - sleeping around. Venus in furs.
Bashful - bash, red face. Mars.
Sneezy - yeezy, yeezus, baal. sun. Interesting that the sun makes my son sneeze.
Dopey - morphine, morpheus, moon. guide to the underworld.
Also Cybele was originally worshipped as a black stone which allegedly fell from the sky. Black cube, black iron prison. Cube-El-E. Saturn. Mecca. The always admirable Goethe liked to visit so-called meteorite sites and ask, if this stone is the same as all the others lying around, why claim it fell from the sky?
Anyway Attis castrated himself, like the priests do, and his blood caused a pomegranate tree to spring up. Pomegranate being the “jewel of winter.” Pomegranate in Latin is roma, and is associated with the Vatican’s inner temple. Yup, Roma. Funny as well that Roma is Amor backwards, or erotic love. Turns out these guys don’t like regenerative love after all. What a shocker. Instead they like the poop hole, same sex couplings, and dungeons, leather and latex. Even the so-called free love of the sixties was allowed only once they had distributed the contraceptive pill far and wide and made men look like women.

If you read the above cited posts, and especially my books, Trinity & Cain’s Creed, the Cult of Rome, you will have no doubt that the political elitists and occult managers of Western Civilization have abandoned Monotheism completely in favor of this goddess and one or another of her various models, including today’s singing idols.
As for Rome, she has never belonged to authentic children of the prophetic Adamic posterity and I might add that Jesus did not establish Christianity nor did his disciples.The Vatican is purposely and specifically placed upon the ruins of her ashes while her altars remain preserved; altars that presaged the blood sacrifice they have offered mankind for centuries instead of truth and accountable responsibility.
Rome has been a satanic cesspool of wicked intrigue and pornocracy from the wolf bitch down to today’s pedophile playground of effeminate pseudo-men and human sacrificing fascists. All of its glory has successfully failed to serve God Almighty. Rome’s gates open straight to hell.

Pomegranate is a dry, sour fruit, full of lots of little cells rather than integrated pulp. Cranberry and juniper are similar types, also tart winter berries, and juniper is of course also associated with Juno. Juno is Cybele again, and if you’ve seen the movie, Elaine Paige gives up her baby. You know, gave up her only son so that we can all be forgiven, or something. Where have I heard that before?
So Cybele was Attis’s mother, but also his lover. The first incest milf porn.
Kay. Apple. And Mike the motherfucker.
Anyway, these priestly wannabe oracles are clearly busy bees. They pretty much invented Latin, and started to stress the written word over the spoken. And they probably invented English too, the language of Angels. After all, they had to have a language where “son” is the same word as “sun” to confuse people. After all, we all worship the sun, and She’s part of the Sophianic trinity of earth, sun and moon. But worshipping the “Son of God” takes a bit more explaining. Not that plenty of people haven’t bought it.
Then there’s the words “terror” and “awe-full” and “whore-ible” which are all supposed to be bad things! Then there’s “start” going with “Astarte”. And to “be”, or “bee”. Acting as part of the Sibyl hive, as she’s associated with bees. Who knew the English language was created by perverts? With pre-suppositions like that, the Sibyls don’t even need to re-write history. But they do, anyway.

Cybele is shown with lions as a kind of boast. It’s like, you can’t herd cats, but Cybele can herd fucking lions! And, to be fair, she has.
Tarot = Torah.
It seems that Cybele is like a mirror in which Sophia sees her own reflection, which is a luminous life-giving light. God becomes dog. But as Richard Feynmann has pointed out, when you look in a mirror you see yourself, not just left-to-right, but inside out.
So the luminous light of Lucifer is the firelight but not the fire; rather than a true image of the goddess we get an inversion, a perversion. Rather than regeneration and life, all who gaze upon Lucifer instead get disease, early death, and insanity. Rather than joy and delight, despair and dismay. Rather than milk, honey and wine, we get  shit – but we do get bees.
Instead of naked Isis, as she should be in all her glory, we get Isis veiled.
The cult of Cybele now “rules the world” with its actors placed in all the major positions in politics, popular music and business.
They had to do it like this. Artists and visionaries guide the fate of the world, and to them worship of the Goddess comes as easily as breathing. So the black magic was in getting them to worship the wrong one. And now the archetype of the tortured artist is a cliché. No wonder.
So yes. Lady of the Rings, lady of Mordor, of soul Murder. Sauron. Sour, soeur. Sorority. Sorrow. No good ever seemed to come from a sisterhood, did it? Ask Cinderella.
As many know, Disney’s real purpose was to co-opt all those dark fairy tales which were passed down through the generations to warn of the very real evils that lurk in the corner of Sophia’s psychedelic dream.
So the archetype of Jesus/Baal/Mithra has been used for ages, and it’s actually quite satisfying to see that they’ve sunk to using Russell Brand and the latest reincarnation. Surely they’re finished now!
Russell, apparently you’re a comedian but this made me smile harder than anything I’ve heard you say.

The point about this bunch is that they don god status by acting as if they are the wildest, baddest, most gifted individuals on the planet, who get the most pussy and do whatever the fuck they want, and are Sophia’s special ones.
Their real talent is dissimilation. Session musicians play on records, not the characters on stage. And when they have to play, live, they do so badly. Ever heard the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl? They really tried to polish that turd, but in the end they just decided to turn up the screaming instead. Funny that, that they couldn’t get the mike positioned a bit closer to, and pointed at, the band.
Some of these guys are talented enough. Although their legends are blown up way out of proportion. But their “thing” is acting, theft and plagiarism. Not that that’s so bad. And they work insanely hard. And that’s the thing – it  all seems wild but is intensely cultivated. In the end it’s all sadness and madness. You have girls daydreaming about girls dressed as boys, like Justin(e) Bieber, or else rentboy shirtlifting mini-Baals who may not even have genitalia, and men lusting over women who were born men, like Krist-en Stewart or Sandra Bollocks.
I suppose that is funny, in a way. But when does the joke get old?

The cy- of Cybele is interesting given its appearance in cybernetics and cypher. Apparently its from a greek root meaning to steer, so cy-belle would be “steering beauty.” Astray, no doubt (a-stray = not stray, not wild). And from cybele we can derive also the kybalion and the kabbalah, no matter what anyone says. Frankly who cares what they say – anyone of discernment who reads anything on the kabbalah will quickly conclude its a pile of old shit. The tomes of drivel attributed to Crowley and his ilk is almost beyond comprehension. Just because he says things that sound outrageous, uses exclamation marks a lot and says he likes sex, just makes him just another avatar of Zeus, a pathetic old pervert destined to die alone on a toilet somewhere. Elvis has left the building and is living in Argentina – not that anyone sensible really gives a fuck.
Belle also relates to belly, and gut relates to the german gut, or good. Our best brain is located there, according to the taoists. Our gut intuition. this is the first place attacked by Ceres and her wheat, which we’ll see another time.

They love to point to the skies. You even see it in their stupid little hand signals. Firstly because it takes attention away from Sophia, the only source of power for us in the universe. And secondly because nothing ever happens. I mean, I’ve watched the skies, and I’ve seen shooting stars. I’ve even seen Mercury, several times, which is more than Kepler can say. But all these comets, like Hayley’s and Hale-Bopp, well they just don’t exist. I looked hard enough for them. And don’t get  me started on Elenin. Even Uranus, Pluto and Neptune don’t exist. And I’ve never seen Saturn either.
So basically they can just make shit up when it comes to the stars and outer space, and they do. NASA’s just a film studio and press centre, run by comic-book nerds. Their eagle “landing on the moon” was their imperial old bird landing on the genitals of Prometheus, of men, and pecking them for all eternity while the denizens of Pandora’s Cube run amuck. In the Kabbalah tree, 9 is the moon, the foundation, the genitals of the human body.
The liver is regenerative, so it is used as a symbol for the genitals. In Chinese medicine, the liver is “wood.” Jesus got speared in the liver, as did Parzival’s fisher king (although explicitly in his genitals).
But anyway, never mind grey aliens, these guys are the aliens (grey is often attributed to Sophia, so grey aliens are just “foreign sophias”. Fits well enough). A-lien means without a lien, without a claim. But nowadays they are the only ones with a claim on the world’s wealth. Never mind Lizzies from outer space, we’ve got little Queen Lizzies overrunning this place already.

nossa senhora e o espirito santo- Our Lady and the holy spirit

Capstones all. And Kim Basinger holding the One Ring to bind them all.
One possibility, almost too crappy to contemplate, is that Cybele is an avatar of  Sophia herself, and Sophia has just gone nuts. A bit like Kali, as apparently we’re in the Kali yuga.
I don’t think so, I think Cybele’s just an alien implant. An engineered reflection of a doll. An age of Kali would be considerably more fun for everyone involved. Lots of death, blood, swords and the like, like Game of Thrones. What we have now instead is the illusion of catastrophe, which paralyses everyone like that wasp that  gets paralysed by the parasite ant. What we have is the copy of  a copy of a copy of real life. It’s St Elmo’s fire, it’s not real fire, which would cleanse all this shit. I don’t think Sophia would approve. She’s having a mare.

The entertainers that are given to us as stars  and gods are actors and comedians. Seems the Sibyls set up orphanages as ways to harvest babies to either sacrifice or raise under heavy trauma to be controlled assets and entertainers. Fritz Springmeier has told us a lot about this, and frankly it doesn’t bear much thinking about. But the evidence about pederasty, and all the dead babies found buried under ancient temples speaks volumes.
That’s the thing about evil. It’s banal, not fun. Crazy in a dismal way. Evil is Bill Gates with his vaccines, politicians with their fucktard drivel, Radiohead with their whinging, and Bono with… his fucking sunglasses. Free Tibet. Welease Bwian.
Ed Chiarini has shown that the comedians of Saturday Night Live keep popping up playing politicians and the like. Hell, his latest theory is that Obama is Richard Pryor’s son. I wouldn’t bet against it. Saturday Night, incidentally, would have been considered in more ancient times as Sunday Morning. There’s Cybele’s day again.
Yup, the cult of comics, parlour magicians and actors is still going strong. Go on, tell us another dick joke, or one of those innuendos about anuses and shit. We’re rolling in the aisles. For what feels like fucking eternity.

Going back to tax  and money, “Scot” is an old word for tax. Great Scott! Gruss Gott! Scot is an anagram of cost, stoc(k) and cots. Gulp.
Scotland’s an interesting place. Intensely associated with Royalty. And in “When Scotland was Jewish” we read that it was founded by Jews kicked out of Assyria. Although, knowing the Jews, it’s more likely they were just sent, as missionaries. They’re the militant arm of Cybele with the ingenious cover of being the persecuted ones. It’s always a mother thing with those Jews.
Two stereotypes of the Scots? That they’re “canny”, and “tight” with their money. Not entirely unlike the characterisations of the Jews, is it?
Not having a go at the Scottish people, by the way. My dad’s Glaswegian.
We know that a lot of folklore comes out of Costland. Stories of fairy folk, elves and so on.
Turns out they have their own Great Mother.
In Gaelic mythology (Irish, Scottish and Manx) the Cailleach (Irish pronunciation: [ˈkalʲəx], Scottish Gaelic pronunciation: [ˈkaʎəx]) is a divine hag, a creator deity and weather deity, and possibly an ancestor deity. She is also commonly known as the Cailleach Bhéara(ch) or Bheur(ach). The word cailleach means "hag" in modern Scottish Gaelic,[2] and has been applied to numerous mythological figures in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.
 Cailleach ("old woman" or "hag" in modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic)[2][4] comes from the Old Gaelic Caillech ("veiled one"), an adjectival form of caille ("veil")
So we meet Kelly, or Kali. The obvious thing to ask here is, whether Kali is a true version of Isis, in some kind of kick-ass mode. Or whether Kali is Cybele-Lucifer.
The word is found as a component in terms like the Gaelic cailleach-dhubh ("nun") and cailleach-oidhche ("owl"),[2] as well as the Irish cailleach feasa ("wise woman, fortune-teller") and cailleach phiseogach ("sorceress, charm-worker"). Related words include the Gaelic caileag ("young woman, girl")[2] and the Lowland Scots carline/carlin ("old woman, witch").[12] A more obscure word that is sometimes interpreted as "hag" is the Irish síle
I love that the Irish conflated her with “silly.” No wonder they’re liked everywhere.
By the way, when did people start seeing an old hag as being the potential future mother  of anything?
The Sybils love the letter K, which is the 11th letter. Numbers are irrelevant in Sophia’s world, but everything in Cybele’s. The reign of quantity.
Kylie Minogue – Kali Jr.
Alright , so they all display their little actor’s guild  hand signals, those little mudras. And yes, we  didn’t see them for centuries because we were trained not to. And yes, we see them now. Big whoop for us.
Rhianna/Rhea/Ra/Rey, yet another name for Sunny Cybele, desperately trying to look “pagan.” She’s got form, to be fair. I would. If it weren’t for the whole ball-breaker  thing.

She starts wars as well, of course. But she sometimes calls herself Helen when she does that. Hell being german for light, another indication of Sophia’s organic light, hence Hellas, or Greece. And Greece never had a golden age, it was always the same shithole it is today. I say that with a certain amount of love and affection, because I used to live there. They’ve got more life in them than the average Westerner. But Crete, Mykonos and Lesbos were heavily involved with the bum brigade, and still are.
Damn, now I’m thinking of that (pederast) Cliff Richard song, backed up by “the young ones.” But is he actually singing about a doll? Or about a little boy who resembles a doll?

To go back to the start, when we use money we're all priests of Cybele. That's a stone cold fact, and so be it. I'm not headed for a log cabin. We're all in on the conspiracy, just like every company and corporation ever conceived is a conspiracy against Sophia and our own children.
But there's a way through, as I outlined in the last post. We're being prevented from paying for anything - artificially held back from partaking in any of the "commonwealth." And as I said, once we force our way through to the monetary sovereign printing press, we will, inevitably, discover we don't need money anymore. 
And we may rediscover our own genius for violence, and open season declared. At last.
The “irony” for this age to face is that Isis is the dark one. The sexual animal who wants to eat you all up because she loves you. Darkness is a fructifying energy, and we’ve been taught to be afraid of it and stare at screens of light instead.With de-light, you a-light. You arrive.
That white, virginal one, celebrated at weddings – that’s  Cybele. Isis veiled. The useless Virgin, either to be sacrificed or grow old fruitless, the Old Maid. The Mother of contraception, abortion and chastity.
Sophia’s the baddest bitch in the universe, and all else is simulation headed directly to the nearest anal stargate for evacuation.
I'm a dragon, you're a whore
Don't even know what you're good for
Mimicking me is a fucking bore
To me

Lana Del Rey - Fucked My Way Up To The Top Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Lana ain’t anaL. She’s of the Sun. But which one?

You can choose either.

Or  this?


Only Sophia can kill Lying Lucifer. Women, I’m talking to you

Massage with a happy ending, please.
FireShot Screen Capture #027 - 'The REAL Stories Behind These Disney Movies Will Ruin Your Childhood' - www_huffingtonpost_com_2013_11_12_the-real-story-behind-eve_n_4239730_html

Hm. There’s an ending I can get behind (Or, you know, in front of. Tricky bugger, the English language). Dance, you temple dogs, dance!


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  1. Well done spaceman. Now I am really freaked out. Dennis

  2. Love this post man... Don't agree with it all, but totally agree with the spirit at work.
    Kaballah as a 'pile of old shit' - lol. I've tried to read a number of books on it, and my conclusion is that it's inverted & corrupted, and as much use as an ejector seat in a helicopter...

    I'd have to say that I reckon Sophia is Lucifer/Isis etc... She wanted to make something 'without her consort' - i.e. wanted to take the male 'god's place, and BE the creator. It's the same thing. It's also the 'virgin birth' - a woman creating something without a man... Doomed to failure... So the whole 'virgin birth' is a satanic motif.

    Columbia - Co (With) Lum (Light) By => Lucifer. It IS all the same insane bitch goddess that has created this copy of a copy... as you said.

    I have witnessed (in the significant women in my life) the Kali-like urge to destroy me & men in general. I've seen Lucifer gloating through my mother's eyes when she has succeeded in fucking me up...

    This world is totally female/Yin. Matter (mater) rules the roost, and Yang's hated for it's truth & directness. Satan is a woman. This is why women are so fucked up, and can NEVER admit to being wrong... I go into a lot more detail in my blog, but most people HATE it. lol. Like i give a fuck...

    BTW - circe = circle = sine wave = cyclic time = Yin time. There are two forms of EVERYTHING, and so there's Yang time too... Yin time is death, Yang time is eternal life. Hence the battle for time...

    Gender bending is the very spirit of Lucifer/Sophia - it's about taking a role which isn't yours. It's just theft & fraud. That's why Eve takes the 'knowledge of good and evil', and offers it to Adam. It's a reversal of "Yang offers, and Yin chooses"...

    My only suggestion would be *blog more*, I want to hear more of what you have to say. :)

    Sandra Bullock a man? Crap. You're probably right now I look... I hate being duped. lol...

  3. Thanks man, I appreciate your perceptive commentary.
    I agree with you, after writing this post I kind of felt it didn't represent what I knew of the feminine energy from my own life. I also think that women are basically are a ravenous destructive force, like fire. They destroy men and other women too. Oh yes, and their own children. The world needs husbandry.
    Kali is looming large in the world right now with the Je Suis Charlie insanity - aka I am Kali. Although, the first time I looked at it, I also saw Jesu Kali. Crazy Mother and Dead Son. There's probably much more to say about it all but I don't want to get wrapped up in the Circus' narrative too much. That's their only power anyway.
    On Bloomberg TV this morning was the headline:
    "Luce: America finds common cause with oldest ally." Ostensibly written by Edward Luce, of course. Nothing to do with the comedians' old buddy Lucy, or Amorica, or Kali, nothing to see here. Couldn't make it up, etc.
    Can't say I'm 100% about Sandra Bollocks, but her and, say, Julia Roberts, tick off all the boxes for a classic transgender baptys-priesthood installation into the world-dream. It wasn't their looks, sex appeal or acting skills that got them into so many widely-seen movies.
    Take it easy dude.

  4. I read "Je suis Charlie" in 2 different ways:
    - Jesus (or Jesu) is Charlie / Jesus is a Charlie
    - I am a fool / a tit

    'Define charlie' on Go-ogle gives:
    1. BRITISH informal
    a fool. ("what a bunch of charlies")
    2. BRITISH informal
    a woman's breasts.

    Obviously it means 'cocaine' too, and cocaine makes people proper charlies...

    I think the sign basically means "I'm a tit"... A big joke on the dumb-beast goyim... They really are a bunch of charlies, unfortunately, sigh...

  5. Charlie and Kali are the same phonetically if you take the "ch" as a "kh", and almost certainly have the same historical root. The Hindu cow goddess with loads of udders, or in Kali's case, or Cybele's, they're often depicted with loads of breasts.
    You're on point, "I'm a tit" is the most succinct interpretation. Actually made me laugh.
    The Circus loves Charles, and Carlos/Karl etc, as names for their characters. Karla was the shadowy spy puppeteer in John Le Carre's novels, and was a man. And I just remembered, they actually use the name "The Circus" to refer to their spy ring(piece).
    Jesus is Kali is interesting because it could be, you know, the Norman Bates thing. The male sisterhood dressing up like their mothers.
    And why Hebdon? Heaven? There's a town in Britain called Hebdon Bridge which is the lesbian capital of the UK, apparently.
    I guess there's no need to overthink the thing. Like you say, just a bunch of charlies.