Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Inflation is caused by too little money, not too much

When "real money" dries up, prices go up.

That's Economics 101 right there. All you need to know. Congratulations, you got your degree.

Prices are an inverse "ease of acquisition index."

"Real money" is government money. If real money was accessible to everyone, which it "should be" (or, technically if not in practice, "is"), via their respective national insurance accounts, prices would all go to zero and title to goods and services would pass only on the basis of equity and trust.

Who can imagine such a world! No profit motive, people doing whatever the hell they like, and getting what they deserve instead of what they are "given," which is bread and circuses.

There's fragments of this awareness around the internet. Modern Monetary Theory has some of it, and various fellas like Winston Shrout have showed that certain debts can be discharged through the courts (sometimes, maybe) by doing a set-off against social security with the IRS in the US - a process they call "accepted for value.". He has somewhat let the side down though, as he has now moved onto talking about commerce with extra-terrestrials. Investigators into truth seem to be faced with this kind of syndrome surprisingly frequently. Vocal and passionate advocates of different ways either start talking about aliens or go to jail (Dean Clifford, Irwin Schiff and Gordon Hall are examples of the latter). Then there's Alex Jones, who amazes me in his ability to stay so rambunctiously jolly while shouting the kind of stuff that makes sensitive types want to load up on ammo or jump off a cliff. He's a big man, how's his heart holding up?

The whole conspiracy theory with the Fed in the US is a bit of a canard. So is the whole concept of "government", as if it's some homogenous mass that makes all the decisions. The government is really the tax code, and of course those that write it. International law is tax law. One of the many hoaxes in human history is the term "national debt", which really means sovereign spending, and every hyperinflation in history has happened when government spending was cut. It's the ONLY way inflation can happen, because there's no money to pay for anything so it just becomes useless. Weimar, Argentina, Zimbabwe, and all the rest. Ironic really - that they plunge their countries into misery by "being fiscally responsible", rather than just printing money to cover their debts like the rich countries. They're perfectly entitled to - after all, they're monetarily sovereign. This is the exact opposite of mainstream thinking, of course.

One can make easy predictions by knowing this. USA, UK and China all have reasonable deficits, although they're shrinking. Pakistan is one to watch in the future. I suspect they'll get invaded by the US, as they love to put the damper on such countries getting rich. China, on the other hand, appears to have been "chosen" by the elites (tax code writers) to be the rising superpower to "offset" the West, as they love these kinds of dialectics. It's easy to sell nonsense to the populace when there's an illusory competitor to clash against. These chimera seem to make sense to the average mind, and strengthen the sense of patriotism. Not to mention, enable the spectre of war, which keeps everyone in line. China is well known for being a nation of people who toe the line, good little worker bees - so it's "safe" for the elites to let them get a bit richer for now.

But there are no nations anymore, there's only tax agencies and their respective currencies. And the irony, of course, is that the collection of tax is a cruel joke. Tax collected doesn't finance anything. It's not a Robin Hood deal, or a pot which gets shared around. Money-debt is created afresh in each transaction, and its either paid in full with real money, or deferred by use of the bank draft. Banknotes are bank drafts because you get them from the ATM and get a negative in your current account. In local economies where they just use cash and no banks, money dries up very fast indeed, and everyone starts trying to trick each other and quality takes a nose dive. Everything you've ever paid for, if it wasn't with government money, just added to the fiscal surplus, and gave those who milk the state something to offset so they can point to a "more balanced national budget."

The concept of lending and interest rates is fraudulent, arising only because people are so willing to think of money as being like land, which bears fruit and rears cattle. At the same time, many people still like to think of gold as being money. In short, people's thinking on money is a big old mess.

Money is a unit of account, it's book keeping. But it's not a store of value, despite what your bank balance tells you. There's no value in "the money", there's value in the book-keeping. All-cash transactions lead directly to crime, or perhaps  you could say the converse is more true. And money is not a means of exchange. Money did not originate out of the impulse to barter, but the exact reverse: the impulse to barter and exchange resulted from the use of money, as the Modern Monetary Theorists show quite well. There is a lot more to say about  the historical aspects, but it involves throwing out everything you think you know about history.

This provides us with the rather amusing notion that dole claimants (as we say in the UK) are doing more to enrich the nation than most of the middle class combined. By middle class, of course, we mean, working class. Funny that people don't see that. I mean, the middle class work their nuts off. Men and their wives both - they don't even get to see their kids. It's a fitting reversal of the Dickensian idea. The "underclass" are really just a less creative version of the "overclass." They get the most valuable thing of all - time, to do whatever the hell they want. Thankfully, strong skunk weed keeps most of them cemented to their sofas and off the streets.

"Fiscal deficit" (i.e. sovereign spending) pushes up the exchange rate versus other currencies, and pushes DOWN the Big Mac index. The reverse is true with surpluses, and Norway and Brazil are obvious examples, with surpluses of around 20-25%. One wonders if these aren't deliberate, in order to force Norway into the Eurozone and force Brazil to... whatever. On a personal note, I find it interesting that these are my pick for the two nations with the most gorgeous women in the world. Coincidence? That they have the most austere "mothers", starving her own children? It's like, these places are poor, but you can't afford to go there either, Casanova.

Of course, Norway isn't really regarded as "poor." Anyone who has met a few Norwegian people knows that they're a very intelligent, capable people. With a decent deficit, they could probably come up with free energy and the means to immortality within a decade. But as it is, they're stuck running the wheel like hamsters, just like everyone else.

There's plenty to be said about "why" and "how" this situation came about. That's for another post. It has to do with a bunch of itinerant Norman Batesish cross-dressing circus characters obsessed with their mother, and a doll with two faces. And wheat, prostitution, ritual sacrifice, evil spirits, and toxoplasmosis. It could get weird.

For me, all this is not about full employment but full lives. It's not the means of production that people need to seize, its the means of payment. People will take just about any old job (and pretty much all jobs ARE "any old job") in order to assert what they THINK is some control over means of payment, but it's not. It's serfdom in order to buy into a very narrow path of life-experience, which really isn't "life" at all.

Anybody reading who wants more sovereignty in their lives without going and building a log cabin in the wilderness have no choice but to get creative. Look at ways to tap the "tax system" (sovereign spending machinery), make heavy use of trusts and charitable trusts, and get into the mindset of milking the sovereign cow for a living, rather than throwing your life away on some dumb-shit occupation and calling that life.

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