Monday, 15 December 2014

The so-called Sydney Siege, why we keep being given theatre and drills as news, and why it matters


News is literally coming out as I write. I was about to list a few predictions, one of which was that  the man in question would have three names. Perhaps that’s too easy. But anyway they beat me to it – it’s Man Haron Monis. And holy shit, how’s that for a handle? Very mantra-like.

It’s Man Harmony, folks. As in, big hairy manly love. Get back to that in a second.

Then there’s the detail he’s taken  “fewer than 30” hostages. So we have the magic 30 again. Suppose the number could end up as 27, being Saturnian, or 22. Or they’ll bump it up to 33 or 42.

It’s in Australia this time, which is interesting. The place they dug up Julian Ass-angel. Webster Tarpley spoke once of the “very strange cult” on the east coast that Assange was involved with. Without mentioning that they’re just another branch of the Flying Circus Cybelean Actor’s Guild that “run the world.”

We’ve got Lindt involved in the charade, a Swiss company – Switzerland  being the most disturbing nation in the world after Belgium and possibly Austria. And there has to be some kind of reference to brownness or shittiness, so that’s covered with chocolate. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the cafe in question is a known gay hotspot.

I’m expecting at least one dick joke, but haven’t seen it yet.

But perhaps there are some readers here who are  relatively new to the world of media chicanery, and require something  a bit more concrete. Well, there’s always this:

FireShot Screen Capture #037 - 'BBC NEWS I Asia-Pacific I Australia stages anti-terror drills' - news_bbc_co_uk_2_hi_asia-pacific_2939624_stm

FireShot Screen Capture #036 - 'BBC NEWS I Asia-Pacific I Australia stages anti-terror drills' - news_bbc_co_uk_2_hi_asia-pacific_2939624_stm

Yes, so they got all the footage back in 2003, and now they’re just cordoning the area off. They do this all the time, as readers of Ed Chiarini’s material will know ( By the way it’s 11 years difference, another common thing.

From The Guardian:

At 4.56pm the crowd outside Martin Place in Sydney drew close as two women dressed in brown Lindt aprons ran into the arms of a waiting police officer. Photos of the women clutching desperately to heavily armed police have become the standout images of the siege.

They replaced the blurry footage that emerged at 9.45am showing hostages pressed against the cafe’s front window while holding a black flag bearing the Shahada. The footage was picked up by Channel 7, whose Sydney studios are diagonally opposite the Lindt cafe and whose morning programs regularly show a live feed of Martin Place. It is likely that is why the Lindt cafe was targeted.

For several hours most passersby assumed that the police tape was due to a bomb scare, and were frustrated that they could not get to the bank nearby. Occasionally a worried face would hail a detective and whisper that a relative was in the cafe. They were directed toward a separate holding area.

So it’s just across the street from media headquarters. Convenient.

Maybe there’s a big old butch gangbang going on in the cafe right now.

FireShot Screen Capture #039 - 'Sydney cafe siege_ armed gunman named as Man Haron Monis – live I Australia news I The Guardian' - www_theguardian_com_australia-news_live_2014_dec_15_sydney-siege-reports-of-hostage-situatio

I guess this is where you could put on the tinfoil hat and say that sexual energy combined with the attention of the world makes for a lot of black magic. All I can think is I’ve been put off Lindt chocolate for life.

FireShot Screen Capture #040 - 'Latest news, sport and comment from the Guardian I The Guardian' - www_theguardian_com_uk

Sydney, Sydney, Men playing with balls, Sydney, and Man-on-Man Lovin’. Just coincidence, I’m sure.

15 December is the Feast  Day of Saint Mary di Rosa. So you’ve got an Isis activist on Isis day. For what it’s worth. Cybele’s so proud of her boys.

As to why all this “matters”, well maybe it doesn’t. Maybe it’s all a bit of fun, or maybe it’s just boring. I suppose when, like most city-dwellers, you’re disassociated from your own body and the ground you walk on, you need to have some kind of story to feel like you belong with the people around you. Even if that story is very gay.

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