Sunday, 4 June 2017

The London Bridge Terror Hoax; or, Willy Heaven; or, Dick to the rescue

Looking back over my past posts, I've been way too hard on women. I'm not even sure why, as I was writing that the Jew World Order of horseshit we live in is orchestrated and scripted and acted by gays and their beards. It's them that have made women so fucked up, and men too. So, just a little retraction, and an apology, really. We live and learn, we get a bit older and wiser, and all that. Sorry ladies.

Anyway, just a little look at the so-called London attacks last night for kicks. The first reporter I saw on the BBC was called Will Heaven. Willy Heaven. Maybe Americans don't know, but "willy" means dick, although usually refering to little boys' bits. Then Cressida Dick gave a quick statement. Then there was a statement on the screen to the effect of "I saw a man cradling another man in the street. It looked like someone had been stabbed." Well, that's what happens when you get two men cuddling.

London Bridge has been a gay hookup area for decades, probably centuries. There's a pub there called the Barrowboy and Banker, which itself is something of a clue. Why would a banker mix with a barrowboy? To rephrase, why would a wealthy old banker want to meet a young, strapping, penniless barrowboy?

There's a lot of arches around there too, the Borough market area, and this reminds one of Vauxhall, home of the secret services and also the biggest gay clubs in the city.  There was that song, too, "Under the Arches", how did that go?

Underneath the arches,
We dream our dreams away,
Underneath the arches,
On cobblestones we lay.

There's another song of the same name which goes:

I've seen bad things in bad places
What did i learn?
Wallow in grime
Tonight we'll drink the sewers dry
We can't function outside of these dreams of suicide

Actually I don't have much more to say. It's another fake event, and they're getting pretty boring now. Miles W Mathis, who I've been reading a bit lately, reckons that the increased occurrance of these things means that the intelligence community has got too big, too unwieldy, too bloated with money, and that there's a sort of civil war breaking out in the spook community. Could well be the case. Although I think the words "intelligence" and "spooks" might take away from what they actually are, which is theatre troupes. PR and culture creation from rich families who already own the world and don't know what else to do with their lives except make everyone else as fucked up as they are.

Okay, so there is more to say. I've been meaning to write a post on sexual transmutation, which is opposed to the sort of sexual degeneration which informs these events. It's got a biblical basis too, although it's a veiled gnostic one, not a fake Theosophy psyop one.

Also I should write a bit more about money, and about how central banks loan money into existence, loaning money to Treasury rather than the other way around, hence inverting the natural order of things. And how a small number of families own these banks, and how there's one in every country in the world, except two or three or something.

Money, and sex. They are at the centre of everything, aren't they? So they're next to write about. I see I haven't written in two years, so there's probably no-one around to read them anymore, but hey.

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